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Natural Ingredients for your Holiday Recipes with Hampton Creek #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a promotional post for Hampton Creek

As the Holidays are nearing, do you have plans to add a little more healthy to your traditional recipes? Do you want to, but don’t know how? Using healthier ingredients can be easier than it seems and with brands like Hampton Creek, you can see by reading the label that you have natural and real ingredients in your mayos and cookie dough. Your dressings and cookies just got real!
Not only are your mayos made with real ingredients, they have spice and flavors you will love. These flavored mayo’s will add zest and flavor to your dressings and spreads. My teen sees products arrive all of the time and he is always willing to try new things, but has never given his approval as much as he does about the Garlic Just Mayo! More than once he has asked if I can get to Whole Foods, Safeway or Walmart to buy more. He makes his own lunches for school and he loves his ham and cheese sandwiches using the Garlic Just Mayo spread. The Chipotle is great on Taco nights. So much better for us than globs of sour cream and tastes better also! My husband grabs the Sriracha Just Mayo for dipping chicken and using on his breakfast potatoes. Try making a Chipotle Deviled Egg-delicious!!

I was able to get some cookies baked before the boys polished off the jar of Just Cookie dough. Just Cookies from Hampton Creek, like the Just Mayo, are made from real ingredients. Just Cookies are all-natural, dairy-free, sustainable, cholesterol-free, allergy-free and affordable!
“What Would the World Look Like if Healthier Food was Affordable”-Hampton Creek
The mission of Hampton Creek to is bring affordable healthy food to local retailers. If you are wanting healthier recipes or to gift a fun kitchen basket, remember Just Mayo! 
Find many great recipes using Hampton Creel products from their site!
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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own
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