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Natural House Cleaning with e-cloth High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Glove

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ecloth glove

Let me start by asking, have you read the ingredients in most household cleaners? The sprays you use on tables and baths your children sit at and the floor cleaner the pets and baby spend their day near may contain very harsh chemicals. I have often used those products in my home before giving much thought to what I may be leaving behind. In many cases you need the sanitizing products to really disinfect, but you can get there with less chemicals by choosing what you use wisely. e-cloth has the cleaning products you need that work with only water.


At the e-cloth website and coming to Ace Hardware stores on May 1 is the e-cloth High Performance Dusting and Cleaning Cloth. Just put it on your left or right hand and wipe away. I never liked how dusters threw dust all around the room and a cloth works if you spray it to trap the dust better. With this glove you use it dry, collect the dust and move through the house in no time giving it an easy clean.


The trick is in the extra long fibers that collect and hold dust better than any cloth or feather. I have many wood blinds in my home and I wiped over them in about a third of the time it takes me normally. I found myself walking in and out of each room finding more things to dust and clean. I got the TV’s, shelves, window sills, frames, ceiling fans and more.


Visit e-cloth to learn more and find many more natural home cleaning products like floor care, baby and more.

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