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Natural Foods: Eat Your Caffeine with il Morso Coffee Bars

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Organic caffeine bites
I am a Wife, Mom, PTA President, Writer and I work a few hours a day at the High School. I wake up and get my youngest ready for school, drive him to school, come home for about 45 minutes to get ready for work and head out again. Many times I am halfway to work when I remember that I haven’t found time in my morning for a coffee break. Sometimes I just don’t have time to heat my Keurig and wait for a cup to brew. My mornings just become that way too often for me. Now I can eat my caffeine on-the-go in a delicious bar by il Morso.
il Morso Coffee Bars are small 4g flavored chocolate squares. They come in 4 flavors: Americano, Mocha, Coffee & Cream and Matcha Green Tea. They have every caffeine lover covered. I am a coffee & cream and mocha drinker so I tried the mocha bar first and I truly was ‘eating’ a mocha. It did not have the bitter taste I thought it would. It was so delicious and full of flavor. The best part is that towards the end of the afternoon I thought back to having that bar on the way to work as opposed to my coffee and it held me the same way a cup of coffee would!
So, why would I want to eat a piece of chocolate instead of drinking a cup of coffee? There are several reasons. The first being convenience and a lack of time. It is small and easy to take with you when you have run out of coffee brewing time. Keep them in your purse and you can skip an afternoon coffee stop.
The second reason the il Morso Coffee Bars fair better than a coffee is the nutritional content. I take my coffee with creamer or get mocha’s when I stop so that adds up in calories and sugar. These bars only contain 1 gram of sugar and 15-25 calories a serving. The il Morso bars are also made with whole food ingredients and are 100% organic and fair trade. 
You can find these in random retail outlets in the California Bay Area or online at It will cost you about $1.50 a bar and a lot less sugar!

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