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Natural Energy with Positive Energy Juices

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This is a promotional post for Positive Energy. I was provided samples. All opinions are my own

With so many unhealthy energy drinks on the market that are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients, I am always on the search for a healthier alternative. I am a busy Mom and I do love my energy bursts however I can get them, but healthy is important to me. I do not want my energy to come from a sugar rush, but rather a natural energy source. Positive Energy juices are the perfect option. For one, they are juices and lemonade flavors and second, they are easily obtainable from retailers such as Walmart! Positive Energy is pure juice with natural caffeine and I love the taste and after being sent a few to review, I have since bought more! I grab one as I head out to work and it is waiting for me to drink when I get off and head to the gym. I love the Strawberry Lemonade and Apple Juice! There are some flavors I did not try because my husband and teenager drank them before I had the chance. 
About Positive Energy
  • Caffeine Source: Green Coffee Bean
  • Enough caffeine in one bottle to equal a medium-size premium coffee (150mg)
  • Made with 100% fruit juice
  • 60 calories a bottle
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavors
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free & Kosher
My family and I love our caffeine and this is a brand I am proud to keep on hand for our consumption. They truly taste like real fruit juices with zero bad after taste. I have been waiting for a product that is not carbonated, offers natural energy and is easily available and Positive Energy is all of that!

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