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National UnPlug Night with Carrom Games #UnPlugwithCarrom

This is a sponsored post for Carrom games on behalf of The Social Media Panel

When you think of National UnPlug night that falls on October 16, what comes to mind? This year October 16 falls on a Thursday and what else happens in your home on a typical Thursday night? Perhaps some homework has been done, dinner done and cleaned up and the rest of the night is a fend with kids off to their electronics and Mom and Dad tuning into their favorite Thursday night shows? If this sounds like you household almost every night, there are businesses like Carrom games who want to send the message that as a family, we need to stop sometimes and UnPlug.
Not all in-home games have to have a power button. Carrom games brings your family fun games that will entertain all of you on National UnPlug Night. With so many choices that also bring some classic fun back we would recognize from our childhood, these games are a hit for all ages. We were sent the Nok Hokey and you should have seen my son’s eyes light up when that box arrived and I pulled out a sturdy wood-constructed, pre-assembled arena. It wasn’t but a hour later our teenager was sitting with him playing as well. Carrom games got the 16 year old boy to play a non-powered game. I was shocked!
The Nok Hockey game is solid wood and playing it can get very competitive. The puck is also a solid wood piece. With a little waxing every so often, I know this game will last a very long time. The hockey sticks are a very durable plastic and just the right size for any hands.
Just look at the intensity in those eyes. He sat here and played for over an hour. Even when his brother was done and I was busy, he just sat and practiced getting that puck across and through the goal slot. I love that it comes pre-assembled and that it is made with such great quality. There is a wood ‘goalie’ piece in front of each goal so your strategy to hit the puck in is a bit more challenging. It comes with instructions and what is allowed and not allowed in the rules of the game. I love when games give you do’s and don’ts. When the boys start fighting over what is or isn’t allowed I can end the argument by reading the game rules.
At Carrom game store you can find game boxes to fit on your coffee table if you are a checkers and chess fan. You can find sports games if you like air hockey and table soccer. You can find the classic Dominoes and cribbage games and if you like to play games as you camp or travel, Carrom has travel games as well. What is also great is that they seel all the replacement parts. If I loose a puck or hockey stick, replacing them is reasonable priced and the game does not have to be thrown out.
With a house full of boys, the sports games are more popular. They love table soccer and air hockey. My youngest can even play checkers better than I can. And I am ashamed to say that I have no idea how to play chess! No clue whatsoever! I just may have to order in a chess set and learn one day. I feel disadvantaged not knowing how to play at game nights! I encourage you to visit their site and be inspired to start game nights in your home or learn a new game.
I hope you will mark October 16 down on your calendar and order in some pizza as well as some fun, classic games such as the ones offered by Carrom at and UnPlug your family for the night. You may uncover a budding chess star in the family or perhaps an air hockey star! Don’t have children? The opportunity to UnPlug can do wonders as a couple-order in a chess board or poker carousel and have a night of wine and games. Start conversations, laugh, compete and stay UnPlugged! I will be participating and I hope you will join me! #UnPlugwithCarrom

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