My Worst Nightmare….

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Simply put, losing my Boys! As a Mom I have been through all the fears from falling asleep near my son when he was a newborn with my hand on his chest to feel the rise and fall as he breathed, waking up countless times with a check on him, eyeballing Day Cares or other places I may leave him with those fears of “What if…” What if a Fire happened here, is escape easy, what if we were in trouble at night-how would I get myself to his room. Sounds crazy, but all Mom’s out there (and Dad’s too) know exactly what I am talking about!

I recently read a News story here in Seattle area where a local dealership just gave a single father a new Truck after his was totaled while driving his son to his first day of school this year. He was hit by a stolen car in a getaway and broke his back, lost 9 teeth and had multiple fractures…his young son was unharmed. He was given the truck 3 days after being honored in the city as a hero. At the last minute, he swerved his truck hard so that the impact would get his side of the car instead of the anticipated side his son was on! And who wouldn’t do the same?

I would and will do anything to protect my children because I could not imagine life without them and I always ache for those who have had to go through that type of loss.

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13 thoughts on “My Worst Nightmare….”

  1. That is my worst fear as well. losing my children. My sister lost her daughter 2 years ago. she was only 7 years old. I've seen the nightmare up close and personal. And while I struggle with losing my niece and it is painful, it's nothing compared to what my sister goes through each and every day. it is my greatest fear.

  2. It's really a mother's worst fear. Since my ex-husband lives in a less-than-sterling neighborhood, I'm always so terrified that something bad's going to happen while they're out of my reach.

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