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My upcoming Book Release-why you need to read it!

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So this is what I’ve been working on…..
In April (my target month for release) I hope to share my story with everyone. This book has 2 missions: to speak to those who are or were victims of Domestic Violence AND to speak to those who tend to keep their emotions inside. There are some destructive habits that can become of someone, like me, who keeps their thoughts hidden from those they love. This is a story of how I escaped my abusive relationship and the wrong way to heal. How I bottled up my emotions and did not seek help when I should have. You can only carry weight for so long before it crushes you!
1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men are abused in one way or another in relationships today. In my opinion, physical scars heal, financial abuse can be cleaned up when you remove yourself from a relationship, abuse by children will always backfire on the parent who uses their child against the other parent, however it is the emotional abuse that is most damaging. It sticks around for a very long time. It steals our trust, our willingness to communicate and our security. It shows up in forms of humiliating a loved one, turning the tables, setting traps that lead to arguments, always placing blame on the victim.  Too often, we take it too personally when someone we love is shutting down and we turn our backs on those who simply needed our attention. 
Who should read this?
In Love Should Not Hurt, I want to bring awareness to the damage abuse causes within someone. How it takes their emotions and sends them in an out-of-control spiral that if kept inside will only lead to friction…depression. If you or someone you know is trapped and wants out of their emotional prison, please spread the word about what I am preparing. 
What are the signs that you or someone you love may be trapped?  This person will be withdrawn ( I avoided events and gatherings simply because I hated being asked ‘What was wrong?’), they may create bad habits as a way to escape (for me I hid behind a computer to the point I was neglecting my family. This was MY Place and I could go their to escape emotionally). The emotionally trapped will be moody, edgy and perhaps you have to think real hard about the last time you saw their genuine smile. They do not get too close to any one person and they shut out the world-family, friends, work. Depression! I never wanted to admit it, but I do now! It is serious, it needs attention now! 
Please stay tuned and in the meantime you can stay up to date from my Author page at

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5 thoughts on “My upcoming Book Release-why you need to read it!”

  1. I have been there – a victim of emotional abuse. I addressed the issue in two posts on my blog but didn't go into depth. I will be addressing the issue in a guest post in April on another blog.

    Realizing I was the victim was the hardest part because there was never physical violence – he never did hit me. He did throw stuff in my direction but missed me, on purpose. Emotional abuse can be tricky to detect and harder to break away from.

    The biggest mistake I regret from that experience – not speaking publicly about it. However, it's a double edged sword. How do you prove emotional abuse when there are no visible scars and the abuser painted a perfect picture of themselves in society and manages to pass every psychiatric evaluation as a normal person?

  2. This is why talking about it is so important. I know a few people in my life who I suspect are victims of emotional abuse, but I am someone who recognizes it-so many just don't understand! Feel free to send me your post when you write it and I will help promote

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