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My Ultimate Ozery Bakery Post-Workout Snack

This is a promotional post for Ozery Bakery

With all the bread selections on grocers shelves, well over half of those bread selections are not a healthy choice! What’s missing is a wider selection of healthy breads and in shapes and sizes that make snacking or entertaining easier. This is why I keep Ozery Bakery One Buns on hand. You can find these at most retailers like Coscto, Haggens, Whole Foods and more! I end every workout with an Ozery One Bun snack!
Feeding your body high protein before and after a workout is key to maximum performance. If you spend a lot of time at the gym or running, perhaps you follow the 14 minute rule of feeding your muscles within 14 minutes after a workout. I live just down the road from our gym, so I walk through my door to make a toasted One Bun bread with peanut butter and a string cheese. It makes a great snack after a hard workout.
Ozery bakery One Bun breads come in 4 varieties-multi grain, sprouted, organic and whole wheat. You get a great size of bread that is perfect for snacking or entertaining. They are single-serve rounds you can make into mini pizzas, a base for some veggies and cheese or pico de gallo. The bread is free of artificial preservatives, Non GMO, 0g of trans fats and only 70 calories.
Remember Ozery Bakery as you entertain or keep that post-workout snack bin full at home! They taste great, are soft and toast well. 

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