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My tips to a more restful sleep with NovosBED Opus pillow

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This is a product review for NovosBED

What is your sleep position? I am a side sleeper and a back sleeper at times as well. However, no matter which sleep position I am in I have had years of restless nights. I wake up a minimum of 2 times a night and some nights cannot fall back to sleep. I am a Mom and the world’s lightest sleeper which is a positive in some ways and a huge negative in other ways. I do not like to take medication as that is the first thing people tell me to take so I had researched other options and found that my bedding can be the main culprit. The wrong pillow, a top blanket too thin or thick or the wrong mattress. 
The first change I made was a high quality pillow (not the $3 Black Friday special I used to stock up on)! What a difference. I am of such the opinion that a good pillow matters that I wanted to make sure my entire family could be treated to the benefit of a good pillow for posture and comfort. I was given the Opus Pillow by NovosBED and before I could decide which one of us could have the luxury of this pillow, my teen scooped it up and claimed it. I am happy to know he has a pillow that will carry him through 11th grade and for many years. This is a pillow made to last and as we have college in his very near future, good sleep will be even more important. I cannot be there to make sure he is making healthy decisions and habits as a teen, but for a good 1/3 of his day, I know I have given him good rest! 
One of my favorite features of the Opus pillow is that the cover is removable for easy cleaning. Our son loves the microfiber softness and does not want to use a pillow case. That is OK because I can clean it. The benefits and value of this pillow are impressive. This is as high and if not, higher quality then many other memory foam style pillow I have seen that run near the $200 price range. This pillow is under $140 and NovosBED ships free within the US! That is value when you consider this just may be the only pillow you will ever need to buy again.  
More benefits include the design that promotes good sleep posture which I now know is the key to a more restful night. It is great as a side sleeper pillow coming from myself who is a side sleeper. It has the support your head and neck need for proper muscle relaxation at night. The pillow also has a full 3 year warranty.
Just remember to try the 3 bedding tricks if you feel you are suffering from poor sleep. Pillow-is is too firm or soft? Does is support your neck and head so your muscles can relax? Mattress-is it the right softness or firmness for you. Does it contour your body and adjust as you move so your body muscles relax properly? Bedding-is it too thick or thin given the weather? Have multiple bedding for different times of year so your body temperature can stay regulated as you sleep. Still hot? Put fans by your bed or try cooling gel pillows or mattress covers.
Whether you need to treat yourself or a family member with a better night sleep, think NovosBED pillows. It makes the perfect graduation gift for the child heading off to college!
Does anyone in your household suffer with sleep problems? 
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own.

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