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My Spy Birdhouse: Watch & Learn

This is a product review for My Spy Birdhouse

My Spy Birdhouse

Do you have people or even animals in your home that would love to watch a bird build its nest or watch eggs hatch? I can imagine the curious cat going nuts watching the birds up close. All ages from young to old will enjoy the action around the My Spy Birdhouse.

It is so easy to hang and it recommends a North or South window neither of which I have in my home. I have the perfect windows in the house we just moved out of this year, but all my windows that I can reach in my current home are in wide open and heavy traffic areas. I have no bird activity yet. I will come back and post once I do. I have seen this in action and it has worked, but not in a set up like mine just yet. I just changed locations again and that is what I love about this product. You can take it down and reposition easily without it losing its suction and safety for the birds. It takes just seconds for me to hand back up. 

The My Spy Birdhouse comes with the unit, perch, hole sizers, suction holders, a tint film so that you can see out, but they cannot see in and a privacy screen. It recommends you hang and wait as much as a few weeks until the birds notice it is there to stay. Hang it on a North or South facing window in springtime. Now, is the perfect time to get your My Spy Birdhouse hung up!
Bonus: Right now you can get the Up-Close Bird Feeder when you order the My Spy Birdhouse. I do not have the feeder, but I know it would be a success. Have you ever seen a bird refuse seed? I haven’t!

Fox & Friends is proud to bring you thenMy Spy Birdhouse so you can watch and learn this spring & summer!

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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product for review. 
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