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My Son’s Cousin Camp with Adorable Banner Company’s Personalized Towels!

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Adorable Banner Company personalized towels for people and pets

I was recently sent these personalized applique towels from Adorable Banner Company and had saved them for a time I could get my son and his 2 cousins together at my Mom’s for their favorite activity together! Cousin Camp at Grandmas! My Mom will frequently offer to take the boys so my husband and I as well as my brother and his wife can have some date nights. My Mom almost has to take the boys together or she spends the entire evening hearing them ask for each other! Poor Grandma!

We had rescheduled several times as that is common with my oldest nephew now in sports and first grade. Austin is 7, Anthony (my son) is 4 and Owen is 3 and they are inseparable. We live near, but still a bit inconvenient to each other so Grandmas is midpoint and they tend to see each other on get togethers and Grandma sleepovers! We ended up on a cool day and the use of the towels I wanted for them diminished with the grey skies and so they stayed in and destroyed Grandma’s house!
Since my Mom’s “surprise” (towels) to the boys could not come in the form of post sprinklers or pool and my 7 year old nephew would run hiding if we suggested a bath with the boys, we gave them their towels in a promise of a beach day this summer with Grandma! They love looking forward to seeing together and to know they will have a fun, hot summer day with Grandma and each other got them excited and then for us to say to them we had something for each of them to get them excited and as a reminder, we showed them their towels! 
Owen was so excited. I opened his up first and he shouts “That’s my name-my name-look Anthony, I bet your name is on one??!” Austin played it cool then I found him holding it later and looking at it with a huge grin…then he caught me noticing-grin stopped! It’s all good! My son wears his around the house now like a cape and reminds me we NEED to keep it for Grandma beach day with his cousins!!
Adorable Banner Company
  • They offer Personalized banners, people towels, pet towels, pillow cases & fabrics
  • Ordering is simple-you choose color and stitching options!
  • Trixie, the owner has fundraising options. She will donate 10% of sales within your named organization or group!
  • They ship worldwide!
  • Gift Certificates available

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