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My Son Made My Husband’s Birthday Gift..Great Gift Idea for Teachers, Co-Workers!

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I need to start by acknowledging the blog I found the idea from or I would feel like I am truly stealing content or someones incredibly clever idea. I found the idea for my husband’s Birthday gift from my son on Tater Twins Post. She had a post about Teacher Gifts for the end of the year and I thought it would be a perfect gift for my husband to bring to the office. My son just turned 4 and it was the right “size” project for him. We went to Walmart and found a bead box and trinkets of our own….

We included Mints, Paper Clips, Safety Pins, Advil (my husband takes it like candy :-|), Post it Tabs, TUMS, binder clips and Mechanical Pencils. 
We bought stickers and masculine scrapbook paper for decorating the lid.
My son made SURE we only gave Dad a few mints so he had most left over for himself! He kept that bag near his side the entire time!

The end results! My husband LOVED it and it is by the door ready to head to the office tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “My Son Made My Husband’s Birthday Gift..Great Gift Idea for Teachers, Co-Workers!”

  1. How cute and he did a great job! Guesshe needed those extra candies for his hard work..lol..too cute!

  2. I thought that this was a great gift to give this dad for his birthday! He sure did a good job, and worked very hard to get it nice and organized! This will save his Dad a lot of time!

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