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My post as if it were 1987! Blasts form the past!

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Here is a post I am having a blast putting together. I hope you enjoy. I decided to take a step back to the good ‘ole days and write a post as if it were 1987. I was 10 years old in 1987! So it here it goes…..

Well, another year is gone and 1988 is here! As Fleetwood Mac sings in their newest song: “I keep the Dream in my Pocket-Never Let it Fade Away-Inside, Outside-No Loneliness in this Dream”. 1987 was a busy year! We moved to a new home and with the average Rent being almost $400 it makes it harder to afford a good home these days. Gas rose to .89 cents as I’m sure you are well aware of. Perhaps these rising prices may explain our market crash we had in October! I do want to take moment to remember those 37 Sailors killed in May from that Air to Sea Missile accident in Iraq.

Did you enjoy the Holiday? We did! The kids got everything they wanted. How many of you scored the talking Alf for you child? We did! Our nieces wanted Lovely Locks dolls and they got a few. The boys are enjoying their Karate Kid action figures! I got a great deal on an amazing denim jacket for my husband and for myself, I am so happy to finally have these adorable Fringed Boots I’ve had my eye on! The older kids got all their cassettes they asked for! I now battle for them to stop dragging our extension cords outside so they can blast their Michael Jackson and Heart music throughout the neighborhood. One of these days I know they will forget that cassette radio is left out and our Ford Tempo is going to run over that dang thing!

Now that the Holidays are over and the year has ended, we are in such a need of a good date night! If I can scrounge up the $4-$5 to pay for a sitter, I am DYING to see Dirty Dancing! My husband wants to see The Last Emperor, but I think I can talk him into some Patrick Swayze. I’d also compromise with Fatal Attraction! I’m dying to see Cocktail and Rain Man, but they don’t debut for a few more months!

I wish you all a radical year in 1988! May we see more useful products emerge as we saw with disposable contact lenses this year (although I cannot imagine anyone will want to put any item onto their eyeball like that)! Now that FOX is available for Prime Time shows, perhaps more amusing programs will debut like The Simpsons! Have you seen this yet? Not sure if this show will catch on or not, but I think it is hilarious! Keep Rockin’ on….

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12 thoughts on “My post as if it were 1987! Blasts form the past!”

  1. I saw Fleetwood Mac and that's all it took! Love them! Boy, things sure have changed over the years. Did you see them on the last tour? I didn't. We really couldn't justify 1,200. for 2 tickets.

  2. LOL! Great post idea. I would have loved to have seen Fleetwood Mac as well. I missed so many concerts when I was younger. Would have went to everyone if I had known they were so much fun instead of being a big chicken way back then.

  3. I was born in 1987!! I'm was/am a huge Alf fan! I so wish I had a talking doll
    DO you remember the old (Vintage) My Little pony dolls I had a huge collection of them 🙂 All the best toys came from the 80's 🙂

  4. 1987 was a good year!! The movies were fantastic. Music was steller and I was 9! lol I loved vintage toys. Wish they would be as creative now as they were back then.

  5. This is so funny. I loved and still love Dirty Dancing (at least that famous dance scene), I had a crush on Daniel from Karate Kid, and loved my denim jackets! lol! Nice look back!

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