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My Journey to Eddie and his Coma Arousal progress

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I have just returned from my journey to see Eddie and I miss him already! My cousin, Tammy and I are ‘favorite’ cousins and grew up with each other in the Bay Area (California) until I moved away in High School. We have always been very close and I had been dying to meet her son Eddie who was born Sept 23, 2011. We had plans to come in September (now) for my other cousin’s (Tammy’s sister) wedding. Well, the wedding is now going to happen next year and this trip was to see Eddie and Tammy to give support and be there for Eddie’s 2nd Birthday party they were throwing at Totally Kids in Sun Valley, Ca. Many of you have been following at his Facebook Page which was moved to a NEW FB page, so please go to PrayForMySweetEddie from now on for updates.

For the readers who are new to this situation or missed my previous updates, on June 19th of this year Eddie was in a near death drowning accident. At this point he is upgraded from Coma state to Minimally responsive with sleep/wake cycles. This is huge and a miracle. Eddie’s heart had stopped 3 times the first 24 hours after falling in the pool. He was not expected to fully recover his heart let alone many other Oxygen deprived organs. Today, he is 2 months into this amazing facility (not a hospital-yay) and upgraded. All organs, including his heart and besides his brain are functioning normally. His brain-simply put-is rebuilding cells and making new connections. It is a very slow process, but the brain is an amazing organ and he will recover. They have been communicating with a Coma Arousal Neuro specialists from PA. by phone who has them doing some advanced coma arousal sessions multiple times a day and it has been the difference between night & day for him.

I just want to share some pictures for those who ask and say Eddie is aware, alert and knows who everyone is. He recognizes voices and more and more even holds his own head up supporting it on his own. I saw him do this Saturday night for a few moments. He got a lot of praise for that! I heard it be described-which made the most sense-that imagine yourself trapped and lying in sludge. You are still you-you are aware and can move every limb and have all your senses, but you are weighed down by the sludge. Your movements are limited and you have to take it very slow. That was a great description of his state the way I saw him and I was so happy to get to see that for myself. He is such a fighter and only 2! What a strong baby boy he is with the greatest Mommy in the world!

Here are photos and without going into detail-I leave you with a photo and a video at the end of part of his arousal session. I watched the entire session, but do not want to give details as it is a very detailed session and I would hate to get something wrong and mislead anyone.

PLEASE- go say happy Birthday to Eddie today!! Visit his page and follow us for all the updates: 

My lullaby

This is his very first Nurse from the Hospital who was with him day 1 and a few weeks beyond

Papa time!

Crib Birthday Bling

Tammy and Me alone time

This band comes every  Tues to play for the kids in the halls and came for Eddie’s party!

Arousal tools

I wanted to protect the video, so to watch him in his active session, you will need to create a very quick and easy Vimeo account. this is to avoid anyone downloading or sharing this video. It is worth the tiny bit of hassell, trust me!

Eddie Arrousal Sessions-Anticipation from Erinn Sluka on Vimeo.

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