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My favorite top from Persun Mall

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Do you shop for clothing online? I do! I am very inpatient in Malls and stores. I’ll find something I like and inevitably my size is out of stock. Or I get inpatient searching racks and then eventually give up after a short time if I don’t like the styles I see. I like to see the item as it wold look on a human, not a hanger and I hate trying everything on I see. That is why I shop online! I look for clothing that is modeled so I know what it looks like on and how it fits. I know my size well enough to order all tops just fine and if I order jeans or pants, I just make sure I approve of their refund policies. has always sent me stylish clothing that fits great! Best of all, their prices are awesome!
My last order I got consisted of what is now my favorite ‘night out’ top! I love how it hangs and it looks great with leggings or jeans and my black boots! I just wore it to the Casino last night as my husband and I had a rare date night. Threw a coat over it and I can’t wait to wear it again. 
The Color Contrast Chiffon Long Tee
This Chiffon Top is only $19.99. Aren’t the colors awesome? I think so!
Disclaimer: I a a PersunMall blogger. I may or may not be compensated for this post with store credit. 

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