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My Favorite Things!

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Well school has started and we know what big event is next! 
So I thought this would be a good time to take a look back at this past year and share with you 

My latest purchase is my Nike Flex Trainers! I LOVE these shoes and can run on the asphalt or dirt very comfortably! They are so light and make the perfect trainer! Took them on their first run today and if these shoes could talk they would tell you the run was a piece of cake-no sweat (literally)!
Next to mention our Bose Soundlink! We use this all over the house! It blasts our music from all of our devices! Every morning, I turn off TV and turn on my music and use it to make beds and straighten up in all the rooms upstairs! The sound is awesome and it links flawlessly!
OK-odd I know! I love THIS flavor only of these Baked Naturals! It is going to be my response once I get tired of being asked what I want for Christmas! Just boxes of Baked Naturals…maybe paired with some Crown Royal!

I have had this a while, but there is nothing better than wrapping up a cleaned house with the Scentsy Pot going! I have one upstairs and downstairs and finally narrowed down the scents I like most. If I anticipate guests, it is the perfect ambiance and helps the house smell awesome!

These 2 books are my Bibles! I have read through many articles, ebooks and books to understand how to read labels and know what I am doing those moments I stand in the grocery store with a wealth of information and no knowledge of how to organize what I know enough to truly know what to purchase! These 2 books I use to just flat out know what to look for on labels and what products to avoid and why!

As much as I love Scentsy for my home, I LOVE Flower Bomb for myself! I was so excited last year when my husband splurged on this for me! I am in love with the scent!

So there it is…a look into my home for the products I love and use everyday!

What do you love most around your home?

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Things!”

  1. Ohh, I like those Nikes w/the stripe towards the back!

    I love my Scentsy too. My in-laws are coming over and I put a fragrance in that's not smelling (first time ever out of many, many types). I added a cube and still can't smell it. I guess it's on off-pkg or just a very mild one.

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