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My 8 Week Pamper Me Plan w/ Creative Bioscience and PEAK

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As a Blogger, my favorite topic and where I am starting to lean my blog Topics towards is Healthy Living. In that I have had some generous Sponsors send me some amazing products. I took a few of them and since my PEAK Training system came today, I am so excited to start tomorrow! None of these products introduce any chemical or Preservatives to my body in any way! Just Pure & Natural supplements!

So I will complete the review in 8 weeks and here is what I will be up to……

I will continue as I started early December, to take my Green Tea Extract from Creative Bio Science twice a day. I love the results I am getting so far. Went through the Holidays with some awesome results! I look forward to my final post to let everyone know just how the Supplement worked and has helped me stay motivated as I head into my new fitness regimen now! You can read a Pre-review I did here:

I recently shared that I had started the 30 Day Shred before the Holidays. However, the Holidays happened, work schedule changed and I knew I wanted a better system that allowed me to track and advance at a better rate. Once I was contacted about reviewing the popular PEAK Fit system, I waited for it. So essentially, I am starting over. I cannot wait to get started. I have my charts it came with out and ready to fill in my pre-tests and inches to watch those numbers change in only 2 Months! I have a long Vegas trip in March and a run so I am aiming to be proud of my body by then! Just 10 pounds and  better tone is what I am aiming for.
And I shall not forget my skin! I have been sent the Hilton Becker MC 100%  Natural Ultimate Active Moisture Kit. I love that this set uses No Chemicals or Preservatives to create the moisture my skin needs in these Winter Months. This is developed by a Plastic Surgeon and is meant for immediate hydration. See the other benefits at the Natural Skin Shop!

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9 thoughts on “My 8 Week Pamper Me Plan w/ Creative Bioscience and PEAK”

  1. Sounds like a great pampering plan! I really need to give my skin some TLC, especially with winter upon us. It gets really dry this time of year.

  2. I am working on 20lbs , any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, THanks and Thanks for sharing your story @tisonlyme143 anyone is welcome to add me on twitter 🙂

  3. have to say that 1 week in to this Peak program I feel the benefits on my bidy unlike I ever hav going to the Gym. 20-30 min at home with 1 day a week rest. I love it!!! Also measure weight loss in inches, not pounds. Many factors can cause weight to look unchanged.

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