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Must Read Book: Great Dogs, Great Listeners

Good Dogs, Great Listeners
by Renata Bowers with JoAnn and Joel Bacon
(parents of Charlotte Bacon, victim in Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy)
I have a 7 year old son who loves to read, but that has not always been the case with him. Even still, some days I have to talk him into his daily reading. Then there are days he is walking with a book in his face. Lately, he even is grabbing papers and writing his own stories. For Charlotte, her parents had the same battles of trying to get her to do her daily reading. When an accident happens with her beloved Dog, Charlotte is forced to lay low with her companion so what else to do with a dog that is healing? Read to her! That is what started Charlotte’s love of reading and how a dog inspired her.
Dogs are great listeners and as kids there is so much joy for many reasons that come with sitting around a dog with a good book. Programs like Charlotte’s Litter have done such great things for child therapy in many situations by providing a dog to read to. Charlotte’s Litter is aspiring to promote the use of therapy dogs in schools and other settings. Inspired by Charlotte, a victim in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, the young girls love of animals is shared by many children. Bringing in therapy dogs to the students helped tremendously after that tragedy and the spirit of that healing will live on in the Charlotte’s Litter program.

Inspired By:
Joel, JoAnn and Guy Bacon are the parents and brother of Charlotte Bacon, who died as a result of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Charlotte was just 6 years old but left a bold impression on everyone she met. The Bacon family has founded and developed a number of projects to honor their spirited Charlotte, share her joy and beauty, and advocate for what has helped them most as they grieve.

Both books, Good Dogs, Great Listeners and The Dogs of Newtown, are able to stand alone, but are also used as tools for the Charlotte’s Litter Program. Charlotte Bacon’s bold story, the things she loved, and the Bacon family’s own grief process have contributed to a brand that is unique to their family.

The Bacon family lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. They will always be a family of four. 

Please visit and see the other title available including this book, Good Dogs, Great Listeners.
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