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Having a child means many, many years of good times and many, many years of dreaded phases! Teething is one of the first dreaded phases your child will grow into. At this age they are happy and content when fed and entertained and then those teeth start coming in. Tooth pain is the worst! No one likes a sore mouth and if you can take your toothache and multiply it by several teeth and gum areas aching at one, you can sympathize! Anything to have on hand to help them through the pain is such a comfort. The Munch Mitt is not only a soothing teething mitt, it also is a PTPA winner, 2015 NPPA Gold winner and 2015 Top Choice Award winner. The Munch Mitt should be beside every bottle of oral and pain relief in every home!
The Munch Mitt was designed to sooth aching teeth for babies that may not have conquered full grasp of those teething toys. They also protect the hands from the irritation that happens with drooling, teething mouths. The safe silicone surface provides relief and is interchangeable so baby can wear it on either hand. They come in engaging bright colors and the mitt crinkles with sound when chewed on. 
The Munch Mitt is BPA-free and Phthalate-free with a food grade silicone. It is soft, breathable and water (drool) resistant. It meets all federal safety requirements in US and Canada. 
Learn how you can get one today for you or someone you know at
The Giveaway
3 lucky readers will win a drool mitt. Enter below. Ends on 9/21 and open to US and Canada. Good luck!
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