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All About Moving With Kids – A Series

Welcome to the Moving (with children) series at Parenting Healthy

All About Moving With Kids – A Series

Why I chose to do this

4 years ago we moved about 80 miles away from family and friends when my husband was given a work promotion. My son was going on 4 and would begin Kindergarten in our new town. I didn’t have to work anymore because of my husbands promotion so I quit my stressful job in the medical field and became a SAHM to our son and my husbands 2 sons. I spent a lot of time volunteering in their schools and eventually joined the PTA board and took a part time job at the High School cafeteria when sitting at home became unbearable. I am not one to just sit. Now my husband with all of his success at work was given a bigger region…back near home.

So in June, after school ends we will pack up and move closer to family again. Anthony is now in third grade, plays several sports in town and has made a fantastic circle of friends here so he did not take leaving very well. Now, he is ok with it. This is the journey I want to highlight.

From how we told our son, to organizing the home, discovering a new town, preparing for good byes and gaining new friends this series is all about getting through a move (with children).


How this works

So find a topic below, scan the posts and use my tips, comment on the posts with your own tips and let’s help get each other through moves whether near or far and make it a positive experience for the entire family.

Stay tuned….check back often as new posts will be added below as I write them. The series will last from May-August.

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