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Moving? Keep Your Furniture Safe

One of the worst things about moving is the damage. There are few people who’ve had the experience of moving home who will not have experienced having something they loved damaged. That’s sad because it’s actually pretty easy to ensure that your possessions stay safe.


Today, I’m going to focus on how to keep your furniture safe because it’s often the most expensive stuff you own, and the most loved. Here are some tips to protect it when you next move:


Hire a Professional Removal Company


Hiring a professional removal company like bekins is your first step on the road to success. Reputable removal companies with lots of experience know all of the best tricks and techniques to keep furniture free from breaks and scratches, so they are well worth the money.


If you have any particularly delicate pieces of furniture, such as a cabinet with glass doors or a really old antique, let your removal company know in advance, so that they can prepare to move it safely.


Buy the Proper Packing Materials


Next, you will need to ensure that you buy the best materials for packing your furniture up. Here are some of the best options:


Moving Blankets. Moving blankets, like the ones sold by Mover Supplies, are great for keeping wooden and leather furniture, such as couches and sideboards safe because they are thick enough to withstand knocks, while also being soft enough to prevent scratches.


If you can’t afford moving blankets, then you could use any blankets you already have around the home. If you do this, you need to bear in mind that it’s highly likely the blankets themselves will get very dirty, and possibly even damaged, so don’t use your best set!


Bubble Wrap. Bubble wrap is another great packing material. Because it is filled with lots of air, it is perfect for forming a protective layer around fragile glass furniture, in particular. Its bubbles are also really good at protecting intricate figurines and carvings from having pieces knocked off them.


Shrink Wrap. Shrink wrap is good for wrapping around drawers and cupboards, which have moving parts that could fall out and get damaged.


Packing Tape. Packing tape is obviously essential for keeping everything in place, so it’s important that you buy a high-quality brand.


Clean It


Before you pack your furniture up, you should take the time to clean it because any debris that might be present on or inside the furniture could end up scratching it when it’s being moved around.


Take it Apart


If you have the kind of furniture that can be disassembled, doing just that is a great way to prevent damage, because it’s a lot easier, not to mention safer, to transport flat panels than it is big bulky furniture.


Clear Space


A lot of people actually damage their own furniture before it ever makes it into the moving van and they do this because they try to get it ready for moving in too small a space. So, make an effort to clean out an area of the home where you can disassemble and pack your furniture with plenty of space around you.


I hope your move goes off without a hitch!

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