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Moving with Children and Calming Anxiety with Feeling Buddies

This post is in sponsorship with Conscious Discipline. All opinions and experiences are my own

Calming Anxiety with Feeling Buddies

If you are a regular reader, you have met Anthony who is the youngest of our 3 boys. His 2 stepbrothers are older and out of the home so he lives almost like an only child in our home. Anthony regular does reviews and has his YouTube channel he loves for Parenting Healthy. Anthony has also struggled with anxiety. His anxiety always occurs before an event such as the day before a new camp or sports team or before a new destination or vacation.

Angry Buddy

Until starting this program with Conscious Discipline and using our Feeling Buddies, I never thought about naming his anxiety. I would just call it his ’emotions’.  I would say his emotions were high or he is having trouble controlling his emotions. He is 8 and he began to have less of a panic response and would now turn that panic into attitude. We can almost always expect a ‘rude’ or ‘stubborn’ Anthony when his anxiety is high. Now that we have been using our we are seeing a drastic change and he calms his own self and senses his anxiety coming on and we can have discussions.

buddy 1

We are moving to a new town in July. We knew this would be tough for him but decided we needed to tell him right away and not wait. The worst thing for him (or any child) would be for them to find out accidentally from someone else or sense a change in your behavior as you hide a big secret from them. So we told him early on and allowed him to have his emotional response. From crying to questions and defiance. I emailed his teacher so she would keep an eye on any emotional changes in class right after the news and she reported back that he was his happy self that next day in class. That was good news.


How to use the Feeling Buddies and CD

We made a spot in his room to hang his feeling buddies. The CD we would play at night and for us I would only play it for him subtly when he was having a hard day.

Feelings CD set

How is he now about our upcoming move? He is doing so well. We took him house hunting with us-he walked homes with us and we would ask his thoughts on each home. Once we decided on a home we let him pick HIS bedroom from the option of rooms and he also gets a bonus room/game room we told him to pick a theme for and he wants Star Wars. We drove our new town right away when house hunting and picked out a lunch spot. We also stopped by what will be his new school and found the playground to play at. He is so excited they have FOUR basketball hoops and his school now has ONE.


He came furniture shopping with us near the new town and helped me choose a pillow color. I also found him a Star Wars print for his new game room he was excited about. The day we got the phone call about whether our offer was accepted on the home we liked, we were driving home from a dinner. He caught on that it was a call about the house and interrupted from the back seat, “Did we get the house, Mom?” I turned and nodded yes while we were on the call and that is when I witnessed a fist pump and a “YES!” from him. It made my heart melt. He was happy. Thank you Feeling Buddies for helping Anthony through this journey. I trust as we near the first day at his new school they will continue to help him stay positive. Visit to learn more.

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