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Mother and Daughter Bracelet Charms form Chamilia by Swarovski Group

This is a promotional post.

If you do not have a charm bracelet, then putting one on your wish list is highly recommended. I had never given much thought to owning one, but now that I have one it gives family gift ideas and makes a fun conversation piece. Everyone knows what charm bracelets are so they know the charms you choose all have a meaning. I have ones that represent travel spots, hobbies, family and colors I love. Perhaps you have a daughter or mother who does not own one. They would love to open their own charm bracelet on the next holiday. 
My siblings and I all chipped in on Mother’s Day on a charm bracelet and charms from each of our families and grandkids for our Mom and she loves it! Now I can’t stop browsing charms to find relevant ones to add to hers and my bracelet. I was recently sent the My Mother My Friend charm from Chamilia and will be gifting it to my Mom. How precious is the design and colors on these charms? 
Chamilia is a line of interchangeable jewelry that has designs that fit every style. They have jewelry and charms and I love their selection of glass beads that add fun color to your sets. The collection of jewelry is embellished with Swarovski elements as you can see in the charms above. You can even find pre-designed bracelet and necklace sets ready to wear! 
If you love jewelry and love collecting your charms, come see what the Chamilia line has. I know you will find a style you like!
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