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MostFit takes your workout to the next level

I am a Mom who is a writer and works part time on top of having a traveling husband. I do not have time for long workouts and many times cannot even make it to the gym if my son is on school break and with me as no kids are allowed inside my gym. I need to be able to get an intense workout in about 30 minutes or less and want results or I just simply don’t ever find the time or motivation. Then I discovered MostFit and after being sent a few products to try such as the MostFit Core Hammer and MostFit Syn Rings, I had the tools I need to strengthen my body and truly engage all of my muscles as well as my cardio and can do quick intervals and feel stronger and more effected than an hour doing standard fitness. Even if I give it 15 minutes a day, I feel and can maintain my health at a level I want. You do not need to rearrange your living room to fit a monstrous machine, selecting a few pieces that promote a total body workout with intensity that allows you a shorter workout may fit better into your busy and active lifestyle. I encourage you to research the great benefits of short, intense workouts with intervals as opposed to that hour long jog on the treadmill.

About the MostFit Core Hammer

With this core hammer you can get the same sledgehammer workout with safer equipment. Made to work all of your muscles and bring you a dynamic cardio workout, the hammer is much easier to use. Even if you are a beginner, using the core hammer regularly at your own speed and strength will engage those muscles for a more intense workout. The MostFit Core Hammer weighs 8 pounds and is portable enough to take it to the yard or gym for your workout.The handle is fiberglass covered and can withstand extreme force. Watching videos such as the one below is highly recommended as this brings your exercise to a different level and it is important you really know how to use this equipment so you get great benefits without damaging your body.

About MostFit Syn Rings

The MostFit Syn Rings are Olympic bar attachments. If you use a weightlifting bar, these syn rings will add a new level of intensity to your workout. When you hang weights from the bar using the Syn Rigs it creates an instability which forces the engagement of more core muscles. The muscles engaged really work hard as weights swing in all directions and they need to promote stabilization. The MostFit Syn Rings are light and portable in their own mesh bag. The nylon strap material is 21″ long and 1 3/8″ wide and double-stitched for durability. The rubber band is custom and also includes a 2″ ID Aluminum center ring, and 2 each of 1 1/2″ steel D-Rings and Carabiner. This will highly improve your overall fitness if you are at the level to take that weight training to this sort of level.

MostFit has many portable and engaging products that will take your workout to the next level!

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