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More Than an Oil Diffuser – AmbrosiaScents Fill a Home With Fragrance

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More Than an Oil Diffuser - AmbrosiaScents Fill a Home With Fragrance

First it was candles, then wax melts were popular and today we learned that there are better ways to add fragrance to your home then unsafe burning and messy liquid wax. I have had 2 essential oil diffusers as my only means to add fragrance and healing oil mists in my home. Now, I have added a product that takes another step up and is more than an oil diffuser – AmbrosiaScents canister.


More Than an Oil Diffuser

  • Clean and easy canisters- no wax, heat, water or mess
  • Can also be used as both a wax warmer or an oil diffuser (just add your oils to the sachets)
  • Beautiful décor piece for any room even when not in use
  • Safe around children
  • Adds fragrance and light to any space
  • gives fragrance (sachets) and portability (rechargeable battery)

home scents

A positive for me is that right now they ship for free. I would hope this will last, but I ordered even more while they offer this. There are 5 distinct styles and 20 fragrances. If you purchase a scent-free sachet you can add your essential oils to create your own scents at home.

not an oil difuser

I recently remodeled my office space and had a boring white, tall diffuser on my desk. Now that I have my AmbrosiaScents canister it looks so much better as a decor piece rather than a sore eye sight. The motor is truly silent as advertised and it smells fantastic even on low setting. I will use high setting when not sitting right at me desk.


Enjoy their current promotions and browse all the decor canisters and scents at

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