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Two Moodsters Gifts for Kids Emotions #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: The Moodsters Book Sets


Complete with a book and tool and from an award-winning child development and parenting expert, Denise Daniels, the Moodsters are a group of kids and characters that help talk through common emotions with you and your child. After reviewing my Moodsters children books sets, Talking Plush and book as well as the Feelings Notebook, I feel that every household needs the Moodsters. With the holidays coming, this is such a great gift for families of children young and older!

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The Moodsters consist of a team of 5 characters that all have detective skills to help your child navigate through emotions as they experience them. Talking about emotions and mood with our children can be difficult. We tend to wait until situations arise and suddenly we are left afterwards with a toddler who is very angry or a child who is anxious. It is hard to know the right things to say that will help their emotions because saying the wrong things may highly impact them in a negative way.

Some topics are best discussed through books and activities that speak to them in a way they can understand when we can’t find the words. The Moodsters are those words and situations.

moodsters-plush | parenting healthy

The Moodsters Talking Plush and Activity Book with stickers is one of the newest sets. We have Coz who is the Moodster’s lead detective. The set is all inclusive with stickers and activities to guide your child through a more positive attitude and way of thinking in difficult situations.

moodsters-emotions-notebook | parenting healthy

The Moodsters Emotions Notebook is more of a play activity. It comes with jumbo crayons to use and keep together as a set. It features the 5 Moodsters as they learn to navigate through 5 strategies to deal with the emotions of happy, sad, angry, fear and love.

Visit The Moodsters to see all of the gift ideas and look out for them on Amazon, Toys R Us and at Target stores.

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