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Moms on the move – eyewear styles to suit all occasions

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Life is one thing after another. I used to work with a woman from South Africa who had a great phrase that summed up the ceaseless nature of daily life – she called it “putting out fires”. Parents are superheroes who specialise in putting out life’s little fires. From getting the children dressed and surviving the tantrums to completing the school run and making it to work in the nick of time only to realise you’ve left your own lunch at home, it’s never ending. 

Finding a moment to sort out your own problems can be difficult. That’s why we’re going to make this easy. Eyeglasses are on your face all day every day. They help to define your character and they become a part of who you are. That’s why most of us believe we need several different pairs for different occasions. But that is not the case. Rectangular eyeglasses suit all occasions (see this glasses website for inspiration), and we’re going to describe exactly how. 

Get the business look

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. Large circular wide eyes give the impression of shock or surprise, for example, and half-closed eyes show us that the person is sleepy. That’s why rectangular frames are the ideal go-to eyeglasses style for the business-minded mom who wants to convey her professionalism and discerning attitude within the four walls of the office. Why? Because rectangular glasses are by their very nature greater in width than in height, creating a narrowed and concentration-like eye shape that tells the boardroom you are here to get things done.    

Let your hair down

Letting your hair down out of work hours needn’t mean loosening your grip on your sense of style and fashion. Rectangular eyeglasses give an architectural and dynamic edge that lends itself to sports and to social occasions. If you want to look on-point while serving up aces on the tennis court and if you want strangers in social settings to know that you are someone who takes pride in their appearance (and by extension, takes pride in all areas of life and is someone who therefore commands respect), rectangular eyeglasses can help you to achieve that look. 

Will rectangular eyeglasses suit you?

There is no real hard and fast rule on face shape matching up to exact eyeglasses styles. However, if you have a rounded or oval shaped face, rectangular eyeglasses can help to break up your features and add new dimensions to your look. 

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