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Mommy and Me Workouts with Products from Merrithew™

I was sent product to enjoy with my son for an honest review

What is your biggest obstacle between working out and skipping yet another day, week or even months? The most motivating workout that finally worked for me was Mommy & Me exercise time! But we need equipment that does not cost a fortune, is safe and durable and I was graciously sent products from MERRITHEW™to try and my son may be even more motivated than I am after seeing equipment show up just for him. We do a few fun fitness routines together and age 7, these are fun and very engaging.
  • Warm Ups: These involve stretching-so important for kids bones and muscles. He loves the stretches so invite your child to do those gentle warm up stretches with you.
  • Yoga: Think of the poses and stretches you do from your yoga or Pilates videos and find fun ways to “ask your child for help”. In a bridge pose my son loves seeing how many times he can crawl under me while I hold my pose. In sitting stretches he likes to practice soccer dribbling around me in a circle with the fitness ball. When I stop to change moves-he practices switch backs to change the other direction.
  • Cardio: Get on a kids level and get them a Just Dance or other dancing video for their gaming console and do a quick interval from your training and join them. Then you can get back to your own workout DVD’s. They’ll love how you just took workout time and combined it with Mommy & Me time and danced away. They get a workout too!
  • Don’t forget to cool down. Very important to begin to teach your kids even early on that a good stretch and walk or light activity after a hard cardio is necessary. Invite them back to your cool down as you did in the warm up.
The Eco Mats for Kids does its job protecting kids on hard surfaces for playtime, exercising, yoga and more with durable, non-slip, waterproof, sun protective, biodegradable, baby safe PER material. You won’t find any toxins, heavy metals or phthalates in these fun mats. Find designs like robots, monkeys, honeybees, stars and more. You can also find Roll and Zip Mat Bags for on-the-go.
The kid-friendly props from Merrithew are so full of vibrant colors and are very durable! There is a kid-size Stability Ball-just like Mommy’s with a non-slip ribbed surface made from safe materials. There are also Mini Stability Balls in different sizes to help with stretching moves. The Flying Foam Discs are a huge hit. I can’t stop playing with these myself and they soar! Use up high outside for a fun catch game or on the ground inside for stability and balance practice. They are soft and safe! The soft and cushioned Fitness Circle® Toning Rings are great for light weighted resistance training or therapy. Want to watch a kid-friendly workout DVD during Mommy & Me exercise time? Try the video: Fitness Fun Pilates For Kids DVD.


You will find DVD’s of any fitness level or needs from kids to expert adult. Find Pilates, Yoga, Floor Mat workouts and more. Such a great library of fun and engaging videos that are not so repetitive so you stay engaged. MERRITHEW® also has NEW Fitness Circles for building strength and tone. The Roller and Massage products will be your best friend after a long workout! The size and colors of the Mats and Mat Bags are vibrant and so comfortable. If watching DVD’s is not your thing, grab one of their exercise Manuals to read and have on hand. I have bad knees so I love to condition with resistance using their Strength Tubing for Ankles for lower body toning. For a little added weight for mat exercises you’ll love the Mini Handweights.
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The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a Mommy & Me Exercise package from MERRITHEW™. The package includes a Pilates Express Mat, Eco Mat for Kids, Mini Stability Ball™, Flying Foam Discs, Mini Handweights and a DVD! Enter below. Open to US and ends on 12/3.
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