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Molly Mutt Beds are Stuffed With Your Scent – Giveaway

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Molly Mutt Beds are Stuffed With Your Scent - Giveaway
When it comes to our pets there are a few items that are sacred to them- their food bowl, favorite toy and their bed! When it comes to our pets-dogs especially-they also come with anxieties, excitement and plenty of curiosity. Have you ever had your dog get used to its bed only for you to need to replace it because it never stood up to nails and washings? That was the issue Molly, a dog-owner living in San Francisco had. So she created Molly Mutt. The beds are full of features your dog wants!
Features of the Molly Mutt dog bed duvets
  • Material is a breathable, 100% cotton canvas woven specifically to resist wear and tear
  • Outdoor bed varieties are made from tough and durable water-resistant polyester
  • Washable and preshrunk
  • Sustainable when you can up-cycle your clothing and fabric to stuff inside
With the Molly Mutt bed duvets you simply stuff them with your old stuff-the stuff that smells like you for your pet to have your scent through the breathable fabric. Grab those old blankets, sheets, towels and clothing and up-cycle them to your pet! Can you imagine? A dog bed full of your scent for them to lay on. The beds come in 4 sizes-petite, small, medium/large and huge.


If you are worried about the bed being too lumpy, just add-on a stuff sack. We use it inside the duvet. When you stuff your fabrics into the stuff sack it helps keep it all together and shapes it. The best part is that when it is time to was the contents, simply throw the sack with all the contents inside into the washing machine and wash it all together. The Molly Mutt beds and accessories make having a dog bed easy to wash so you don’t have the ‘dog bed’ smell.

The price is so affordable with duvet’s starting at $19. The stuff sack is only a $10 add-on. The fabric of Gracie’s dog bed that we have is called Your Hands in Mine. The colors are great and neutral as well.

Learn more and choose your favorite design at
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a Molly Mutt duvet in size and pattern of choice. Enter below. Open to the US and ends on 5/30. Good luck!



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