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Mohu Antennas for the home

I was sent sample for feature

How much do you pay for your cable bill? I probably shouldn’t ask! Mohu understands the pain of seeing that bill every month and having a cable provider is great as you get a huge list of channels that come with a good signal and many other options your cable box allows of you such as recording and pause. However, if you are like me chances are there is a room in the house that could use a TV but not necessarily the added monthly bill to have that TV set up with it’s own cable box and added to your plan. Perhaps an indoor or outdoor antenna from Mohu is all you need. Here is how Mohu makes such a great gift for anyone in the family.
Mohu antennas are small and easy to install. There are indoor varieties that hang on a wall or outdoor varieties that you can mount in a high location or even have for your RV or camper. If you wonder who this would make a great gift for, some ideas could be a child, teenager, sports fan or camper. If you have a TV in your child or teens room they use for videos or gaming and you are ready to allow programming, choosing an antenna from Mohu can get them several channels without a monthly bill. If you have a sports fan who has a Man Cave or garage area, the Mohu antennas make a great gift so they can get better channels for their game viewing TV. If someone you know owns an RV, these may make such a better option than that standard antenna they have that hardly picks up a station. 
I have the outdoor/attic antenna recommended to me by Mohu due to where I live and would get the best reception. It comes with all I need for some options on how to install. It is light and simple to connect.
Just look at the difference above and head over to Mohu’s website to browse all of the options and find one that fits your needs best! 
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