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mn8 For Menstral Pain-A Natural & Drug Free Pain Relief #Review

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I was recently sent the mn8 Menstrual Pain Relief button and it is my new comfort for pain! As a women, we have many options for birth control and I had chosen the Mirena IUD when my son was born 4 years ago. It lasts 5 years and is awesome. No menstrual cylces in 4 years! I had no bleeding, pain..can’t eliminate mood swings because I will always blame those on being a woman! Ironically, this review came at a time I was starting to have some light menstrual cycles and with the cramping. I am over 6 months away from replacing my Mirena, so I panicked and my Dr told me to not worry, it is still effective and to expect some menstrual cycles to return near the end! UGH!!! The cramps are back! The first episode a few weeks ago, I was feeling horrible! I had forgotten that pain, so I remembered the mn8 I was just sent. It was magic..a little piece of women pain heaven! And it came without even needing Advil or Motrin!..Crazy, I know!!

What is mn8?
  • A drug free, magnetic button you wear against your pelvic area that is hidden & discrete
  • Eliminates period pain over and over again-you only need one of these!
  • Also has as a boosting effect to naturally improve your skin, hair & nails
  • Reduction in bloating & less breast tenderness
  • Can be used continuously or just at period intervals
  • Detox period: You can feel some mild effects first few times you use it when removed-but very mild and they go away. I didn’t have an issue.

 To learn more, go to and take a look around to see if mn8 can help you! 
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5 thoughts on “mn8 For Menstral Pain-A Natural & Drug Free Pain Relief #Review”

  1. Great post Erinn. Pleased to hear your good experience with MN8, which is what thousands of women in 13 different countries have been reporting over the last five years. The really good thing is that it will last around 10 years.

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