Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez in No Shoe Bullying

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Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez: in No Shoe Bullying

by Charoletta Anderson

Release: May 2016

If you look into your closet you may see that no 2 shoes are alike. Bullying in schools is about separating someone because they are different. The purpose of shoes and their differences are related to people and kids in a school yard. Making fun of someone because they are different is just mean and to be a friend, you can’t talk mean to another friend. We are all supposed to look and be different and we all have our own purpose just like a shoe type has a purpose. You wouldn’t want to go running with a stiletto and you may not want to wear a tennis shoe with a formal gown. Being different doesn’t decide one person is better than the other.


The adorable relationship between shoes in this story helps the message be understood about differences and the nonsense of bullying. Everyone is happier when we all get along. The best type of friendship is one where you stand up for each other and Mizz Goodie does just that for her friend. It was her words that ended the bullying on Miss Tennis Shoes.

Get your copy today on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. This is the second book for the Author. Take a look for Mizz Goodie 2 Shoes while there and own them both.

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Lisa Jones

Omg!!!! I got a chance to meet the Author Charoletta Anderson at our school Law Elenentary. The pink shoe mascot was there and it was awesome! The bullying presentation was great!!!!!