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Mixcder HD901 Lightweight Wireless Headphones – Review

What do you look for in a good pair of headphones? For me and even other members in our home we like comfort, we like good sound and easy to travel with. We also want a pair of headphones that has a reasonable cost. When you are looking for a pair with all of these features, the Mixcder HD901 is a great choice.

Our son immediately claimed ownership of these headphones when they arrived. At only $20 on Amazon it is great for a tween. In my home our son carries his headphones everywhere – in the car, trips, to friends.

The Mixcder HD901 headphones are over the ear and very lightweight. They easily connect via bluetooth but does include a 3.5mm audio cable if you choose to plug in. The charging cable is also included. It is a passive noise cancellation pair and has high definition and steady audio for clear sound.

When $20 sounds about right for a pair of headphones you can’t beat these at that price for the sound, durability and style. It is even packaged well enough to wrap and gift. My son loves them and as they do a great job drowning out some sound he can hear me hollering for him when I need his attention. Find the Mixcder HD901 Lightweight Wireless Headphones at Amazon and Mixcder

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