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Minecraft Birthday Supplies from Birthday Express

I was sent samples for feature

Minecraft Birthday
If you have a Minecraft fan in your home like I do, you will love the selection of Minecraft birthday supplies from Birthday Express. They have everything for your little crafter from the green and brown colors to box heads, chests, blocks and all else you need to create a fun Minecraft spread on your tables.
Minecraft party supplies
We added even more of a touch using my son’s Minecraft toys such as the swords and figures. I have a bunch of glass dishes for candies so you can choose green candies to represent emeralds or slime balls, red candies for red stones and blue candies for diamonds. Birthday Express has the candies in colors you need.
My son will turn 8 in May and he plans on a Minecraft party for his very first slumber party we will host for him. He wants candies and balloons and lots of decor and it is all in the box sent to us from Birthday Express and ready to put it all together this spring.


Birthday express bundle
For now, we wanted to open it all and set most of it up so you can see the selections and this isn’t even everything on the list of Minecraft supplies available. You can order individual items or kits that are packaged for you at a bundle price. We have a bundle package and some individual items in this lot of supplies.


Minecraft Birthday Bundle
Birthday Express has many themes for adults and kids and this Minecraft bundle was a hit in my home! Visit to see what they have! You’ll love the selections!
What are your kids favorite party themes? I’d love to here what would be a hit in your home!
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