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Mickey and Minnie Playmate Collection from Igloo Coolers Make Popular Gifts

And you thought those big red coolers were boring garage decor! Then you see these Mickey and Minnie Playmate Collection from Igloo Coolers. How adorable are these designs?

I took the smaller Mickey Multicolor Special Edition Cooler and dressed it up inside with soda cans and Holiday treats for our families gift exchange we do on Thanksgiving. It was a hit! My brother opened it and his wife worked hard to keep hold of it as they just returned from Disneyland and my nephews fell hard for this cooler! No one had the heart to steal this gift from them!

When these coolers arrived in the mail, my own husband got a kick out of the Mickey Mouse Playmate Pal cooler. These versatile 9-can cooler features Igloo’s iconic tent-top design in a go-anywhere size

If Mickey and Minnie are not your style, how about Star Wars or Bob’s Burgers. See all of the fun Playmate Cooler deigns Here!

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