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Methotrexate and understanding cancer

Cancer occurs when control mechanism that exists within one cell start exhibiting a flaw. In other words, malignant disease starts when body is unable to recognize and destroy cancer cells that start reproducing normally.

In average man’s body, there is between 50 to 100 trillion cells. They split and replicate trillion of time per day. One cell duplicates itself about 4.3 million times per day. Of course, given this high number, it is normal that some of the cells will be recreated with an inherent flaw. Basic function of our immune system is to find out such molecules and destroy them. However, if body doesn’t succeed in this, cancer will be created within a body. This means that cancer is mainly a disease of immune system and this process lasts for years. During this time, organism will experience progressive changes which are called carcinogenesis. Healthy cells are programed to die at one point of their living cycle. This is otherwise known as apoptosis. Malignant cells do not possess the same mechanism making them replicate to infinity. They will continue splitting until large amount of malignant cells form a tumor. Later on, this tumor will spread through organism continuing to form new tumors.

Cancer is the main cause of death in economically developed countries. Each year, there is between 10 to 12 million people diagnosed with this disease. From 7 to 8 million of people will die each year from this vicious sickness. In the last few decades, number of affected has been drastically increased. About 44 % of men are affected by it while 39 % of women will have some form of cancer during their lifetime. Only in one generation, number of men suffering from cancer has increased by 56 % while number of diseased women rose by 22 %. Even though this disease is hard to treat, you can prevent growth of cancer cells if you buy Methotrexate online.

There are numerous reasons that lead to development of this condition. Two biggest issues are smoking and bad diet. Specialists from You! Drugstore claim that each one of these factors account for about 30 % of diseased totaling up to 60 %. So, by regulating your diet and quitting cigarettes, you are able to avoid getting cancer to an extent. Other factors that lead to this sickness are viral infections, being exposed to harmful substances, mutations, reproductive disturbances, alcohol and ultraviolet radiation.

This is one of hardest conditions to be treated. It affects us on molecular level and the best way of eliminating cancer cells is by removing them surgically. One of the best drugs on market for skin, breast, head, neck and lung cancer is Methotrexate. Besides these illnesses, this drug can also treat severe psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Have in mind that this medicine is the last resort for cancer patients. There is no guarantee that it will be able to completely treat the issue. People who have kidney issues, stomach ulcers, infections, folate deficiency, pneumonia and those who are undergoing radiation treatments, should consult with their doctor before using this medicine.

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