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The messiest Super Bowl Team of 2016 Is…..

So, who is messier? These fun facts will break it down for you!
Persil® ProClean®, a new premium laundry detergent conducted a recent third-party Super Bowl stain survey with 10,000 Americans and this is what they found:
14% of Carolina Panthers fans have called out of work the day after the big game vs. 11% of Denver Bronco fans
Carolina Panthers Fans:
·         Favorite big game Snack: Wings
·         Most Common Super Bowl Stain: BBQ
·         Toughest Super Bowl Stain: BBQ
Denver Bronco Fans:
·         Favorite big game Snack: Dips
·         Most Common Super Bowl Stain: Dips
·         Toughest Super Bowl Stain: BBQ
Who is messier?
66% of Carolina Panthers fans spill food while watching the big game vs. 66% of Denver Bronco fans
54% of Carolina Panther Fans spill beverages while watching the big game vs. 52% of Denver Bronco Fans  
85% of Carolina Panther Fans have licked their fingers while watching the big game vs. 84% of Denver Bronco Fans  
For both teams when asked why, more than half said “What… there’s something wrong with that?

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