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MeFOTO Sidekick Smartphone Adapter for Tripods

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

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As a Blogger, I use my phone in so many cases. I have a DSLR and I still may grab my phone to shoot a quick video when I just want to upload it directly and easier into social media channels of mine. Many times it is my son showing how a toy works or me giving a shoutout and my camera is only great when I have room on my memory cards and need to send it to editing software. When I use my phone I need my hands free. Holding a phone while taking a video limits the view and causes the video to be shaky. The Sidekick360 from MeFOTO allows me to use my phone hands-free either set up on a surface or I can attach it directly to a tripod.

Once my phone is secure, I can have it held in any position horizontally or vertically or any angle in between with the 360 degree rotating ball joint. You can even turn it upwards in table top mode. It is available in 12 colors: gold, green, titanium, orange, white, hot pink, blue, red, purple, black, yellow, chocolate.
The clamp is quick release on an Arca Swiss style base. The holes you see on the base allows for tripod mounting. The Sidekick and Sidekick Plus fits most standard smartphones and the plus would be for the iPhone 6 Plus size smartphones. Makes a great gift! I now use mine all of the time!

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