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Meet my Superhero Son and see how we enjoy New KIND healthy grain Bars

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

KIND hero

My KIND Superhero Son

My Superhero I am a Mom to one of “those” boys! My 5 year old is a Superhero. Well, not literally, but don’t tell him that! Most kids have toy boxes full of trucks and balls and my son has a large toy box full of capes and costumes. He is a huge Avengers fan and, YES, he wore his Iron Man costume (mask and all) to see Iron Man 3, he brought his ‘weapons’ when we went to see Wolverine and his precious THOR hammer to see the new Thor this fall. He memorized the opening dates for all of those movies in theater and he’ll tell you April 4th is when Captain America: The Winter Soldier is released. He flies by us in the house in capes and anything he can find for costume. The other day he went searching for his shield and gave up-instead using my dustpan as a shield! His favorite would be his Thor Hammer!  

The photo above is him with this precious weapon as he had to go all day without it while playing Ring Bearer at my Sister’s wedding this summer. It was kept safely in the pew with Dad and they were reunited immediately after the service in the moment this photo was taken.  

Even the Photographer caught on to this inseparable relationship between a boy Superhero and his weapon! And did you notice the tape job on the handle? This hammer has seen better days! My son has the biggest heart and is a Mommy’s Boy! His hammer goes to the grocery store-“just in case…” as he always says! He worries if we were to run into trouble and he did not have a weapon, he could not save me from Evil! I am so protected by this little man and I love toting this boy around town in torn capes and taped up weapons because I know it won’t last forever…I hope not! Whether 5 or 40-he’ll always be our Superhero!  

New KIND Healthy Grains Bars

Kind Bars

Every Superhero needs his energy and I love keeping KIND healthy grain bars on hand for snacks and on-the-go choices for my family. With KIND snacks, I know I am serving them whole and natural ingredients without the high sugar content. The new bars are made with real ingredients you can see! They are even packaged with a see-through window so there is no denying these are real ingredients. They are the perfect texture-chewy with a crunch! Combined with an entire serving of whole grains as well as the protein and fiber needed for this snack to satisfy any appetite, they have 5 flavors to choose from:

  • Dark Chocolate Crunch
  • Peanut Butter dar Chocolate-my favorite
  • Vanilla Blueberry
  • Maple Pumpkin Seeds wit Sea Salt
  • Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut

To learn more as well as see all the products KIND snacks has to offer, visit them at

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Lalia Frolick

Personally I love, love, love KIND bars. I first tried one maybe 8 years ago, and it was the Toasted Coconut and Almond bar. It was HEAVENLY. I became addicted and they were one of my on-the-go snacks perfect for my locker at work. I am excited to hear about all the new flavors! Thanks for sharing!

Erinn Sluka

I only eat dark chocolate!! My favorite!

Erinn Sluka

Thank you! My beautiful Mommy's boy 🙂

Cococute Manaloto

Honestly I will not be able to find this bars in the Philippines but for sure the flavors are great that every kids will enjoy eating this healthy KIND bars

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

I bet that Peanut Butter will be my favorite variant, too.:)

Lame Shrill Owl

I LOVE Kind bars. My favorite is the chocolate cherry cashew!


What a beautiful boy! Those KIND bars look yummy too.

Michelle F.


I have a superhero in the house too (he's 6). And we love these KIND bars, they're the best out there imho.

Cindy Batchelor

How cute! love the pic! I'm a big fan of kind bars and have been for a few years! They are way yummy!

tara pittman

I love kind bars. My favorite is the sea salt chocolate one


Ooh, anything with dark chocolate is ok in my book!
~ Kimberly
Our Family World

Julie Jordan Scott

When I finally had my boy after three wonderful daughters my Mom told me, "Your son will always protect you," I didn't really get it. Twelve years later, I totally get it. I never turn down his offers to help me… do tough things like cross a roaring river (or tiny stream) climb a steep ladder (or a long staircase) or share a cuddly blanket in the deepest cold (or a throw while we cuddle on the couch watching Christmas Movies.) Super hero boys like ours NEED energy bars like these! So glad you shared them here!