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Have you been meaning to start menu planning? You probably haven’t started due to time or really knowing how to put healthy meals together ahead of time. Having a personal Chef is way out of the budget, so if only a menu plan could fall in your lap, it would make your week so much easier! All you would need to do is make sure you shop for the weeks ingredients you don’t already have, peek at the plan every evening so you have out what you need in the morning for the day!
If you have never visited Fiverr before, it is a site where anyone can offer services for very cheap-starting at just $5! Many times these are people with talent looking for side money or budding professionals trying to build a portfolio. When I wrote my book last year, I actually hired a Fiverr book cover artist and had a cover done for $10!
Because of Jen, a Fiverr users page, you can get menu plans done for your family and it will not blow your budget at all! We already know that meal planning is a great way to save on your grocery bill because you go in with a list and there is no need to deviate. With Jen’s Meal Planners you get the planning done for you. When you order her plans, there are some customized choices for you and you get the meal planner like above, the pages of recipes for each meal and a shopping list to print out! Everything you need for healthy home-cooked meals!
About Jen
“I’m a Navy wife, mom of 3 little monsters, and a Certified Health Coach! I trained through Dr. Sears’ Wellness Institute and California State University San Marcos. Reading and cooking are 2 of my absolute favorite things and I’m so excited to share that knowledge! “

Let her help you meal plan or share this with a family who could use her service!
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