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Maya and the Turtle Children’s Book Review

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Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Folktale
by John C Stickler
I asked my 6 year old if he can define a Fairy Tale recently. His teacher is huge on literacy and runs some literacy groups at his school and he said he knew what a fairy tale was. He says “It is a story about a prince or princess and a problem happens and it ends happily ever after.” That was pretty close! I added for him that is also is a story shared by many people who will tell that same story over and over to their kids and with family. It is one story, everyone knows and shares. In Korea, there is a fairy tale titled: Maya and the Turtle and because I was sent this book, I was able to share this Korean fairy tale with my son.
In this story, Maya is a girl who grew up without a Mother as she passed when Maya was young. She meets a turtle who one day becomes her destiny and brings a happy ending to Maya’s future. The book has fun lessons about Korean culture on the pages such as terminology and more explanation on traditions and stories within the culture. This is a great book to continue your child’s love of fairy tales as they learn from another culture.
Visit Maya and the Turtle at Tuttle Publishing and while you are there you can browse many other similar stories from different cultures and traditions.

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