Master the Art of Holiday Gift Buying

Master the Art of Holiday Gift Buying
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The holidays are fast approaching, with the average person expected to spend around $700 on gifts for their loved ones. In previous years, you may have gained a reputation for being a last-minute gift buyer, but this year you may want to show your family that you can plan ahead. Make this holiday season count by brushing up on your Holiday gift buying skills. Who knows, you may even become the best gift buyer in the family!

Listen Closely

After the holiday season, an estimated $16 billion of gifts are thrown away each year. To avoid giving unwanted gifts and become the best gift-giver in the family, listen to what people talk about in the months leading up to the holidays. Take notes on what they are buying for themselves and what they can’t afford to come up with some ideas that your family will love. This is also the best way to give gifts that are needed rather than just wanted. Ask questions months before you start your Holiday gift buying to ensure your family don’t suspect you are looking for ideas.

Humorous Gifts

It is true what they say: laughter really does help you live longer. What better way to gain a reputation as the best gift buyer in the family than to inject some humor into the occasion? A funny book related to something your relative loves can be the perfect gift over that new household item. It shows you are thinking of them and it will be memorable to read extracts out before a holiday dinner. Similarly, a humorous game can bring the family together in laughter and can alleviate any tensions around the dinner table.

Timeless Children’s Gifts

Giving children fewer gifts has been shown to increase their engagement and creativity while playing. Therefore, giving fewer, but more thoughtful gifts, can benefit the children in your family. Children can be difficult to buy for, as many toys quickly go out of fashion. Girls may love something related to the latest fashion or TV trends, but they may quickly be forgotten. They may spend more time with a quality Lego set or a kids’ camera, which can be picked up and used again and again. Other engaging gifts for young girls and boys include crafting sets, games and art materials. To make your gift stand out, personalize them or make them a gift yourself to show you care.  

A few thoughtful well-chosen gifts can make a family come together during the holidays. Choose items that show you have been listening and that show you care to become the best Holiday gift buying member in your family.

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