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OK, that was a vague Post heading, but I recently read a post on another Blogger’s site and it made me realize that we get lost in a Blogging world of deals, reviews, Giveaways and not often enough do we stop and just write about the important stuff. Now I know many of you do that and I love reading these posts when I come across them! So, if I love to read them then why don’t I post such topics myself!

I do want to stop at least once a month and post about LIFE. About Marriage and relationships so we can all stop and reevaluate ourselves. This first post on the topic will have no real topic! Huh? I mean, I will just list my own Marriage thoughts. How I feel about being a Wife and Mom! They are not meant for arguments, but just my own view and hopefully you get lost in a moment of what Marriage and relationships mean or have meant for you!

  • Remember your Vows: You Married to become One person. I do not separate myself from my husband in any way..not in money, conversation or parenting!
  • Respect is the Marriage Golden Rule to me. We are not arguers, but there are those times I am so frustrated with him. No matter what-he is my husband and I would never do him wrong or disrespect him for any reason! If I were to ever speak negative of my husband to anyone else, I may as well hang our marriage on a punching bag and throw my fist into it every time. One day it will finally shatter! Words hurt more than anything and that is as true as those elementary playground rules we were taught as kids!
  • Marriage first, then a parent! My husband is first. After all, we are One person! He is my best friend and never will anyone else hold a higher spot in my life!
  • Communication! Communication! Communication! This is a hard one for me as I am a reserved person and tend to hold my feelings in. In that, we have endured some stress in our marriage with my turning inward and leaving my husband to assume and come to his own conclusions as to why I may be so withdrawn. I am always working hard at this in my marriage!
  • Finance! To hide money, to overspend and to not budget will add unnecessary stress to any relationship! Money is not what makes us happy, but let’s face it- With no money…things are sometimes just impossible and you are limited! Who wants to feel trapped and limited. One of the sure ways my husband and I come together is when we talk about our finances. We do it often and it keeps us close.
  • He is Dad & I am Mom! I keep well aware my role and his. I always back him up as he does for me! It is a bit unspoken, but in general. I keep my eyes open as Mom…both sets of eyes (you know what I mean-the set in front AND the set in the back of my head)! I email teachers, keep schedules, notice the broken shoes, hair cuts needed, Dr appointments due and grades they are achieving. That is all me, my husband does not do that and frankly I wouldn’t want to relinquish that. His role-back me up! That is the most important role and he does it well! Mom’s are the eyes, Dad is the force!

So…there is Me as a wife! How do you feel about these topics? If anything, have a discussion with your spouse or partner tonight! When the kids are in bed or in a quiet moment, pick a topic and have a discussion! Discussions are all it takes to feel close and stay connected!

Oh and just for some credit where credit is due: here is the post I read that inspired me to stop and have this discussion http://howigotmygrooveback.com/transparency-in-relationships-how-far-should-it-go/

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22 thoughts on “Marriage…..”

  1. Great post and perfect timing! We're all busy thinking about New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get organized but most of us don't spend nearly as much time worrying about our relationship! Communication and respect are so important.

  2. Great reminder about the things that matter. I got my hubby a tv for our bedroom so we can watch one of our TV shows before sleeping. I was always afraid that it would be bad for our marriage, but it has been great to have a few minutes to chat before falling asleep.

  3. I agree that communication and not hiding things is vital to a good relationship. Without those two things, you might as well be single because to me, if you can't trust your partner, you shouldn't be with them.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS> I CAN relate to so much of this with our marriage. WE HAVE A GREAT MARRIAGE. we have never ever ever called each other a name, any name whatsoever. and we don't argue. not for real.
    great great article.

  5. This is such a great post. I love reading posts about marriage because it is something I am passionate about. I love that you put your marriage 1st. I agree. I try my best to always respect my husband, and when he feels respected, he responds with love, when I feel loved, I respond with respect for him…it is a circle that works well for us. Don't get me wrong, he respects me and I love him too LOL…

  6. Kinda disagree with you on the one of everything being one. I have been with my husband for going on 13 years and we have found keeping our money separate works the best. We also have our own businesses so that may be part of it too 😉

  7. "Marriage first, then a parent!: I think most of us get lost a bit with this one at times. When you have little ones that need so much from you, it is easy to do. My kids are grown now and I have a good solid marriage of 35 years, but if I had to do it over again, I would have worked a little harder on the marriage first thing.

  8. I love this post and I loved the other post as well. I commented on it. You are so right. I know I can do better at putting my parent (hubby) first before our children. Great points to share and a great way to end the year with some very useful advise. I look forward to the other post in the future.

  9. Thanks for keeping it real and staying true to the simple blog title.
    One of my resolutions in 2013 is to focus on my husband more.
    I'm sure he feels like an afterthought after our son and my business.

  10. I have friends who keep theirs separate and I always thought it was weird. We started sharing before we were married. I guess when we started sharing everything. Once we did that it was no more your half or my half..it just goes in the pot. Having businesses though, I could see where you may have to keep things separate. But my opinion…it should be one. Our House, Our Kids, Our Money.

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