Mardi Gras King Cake Flavored Coffee from Community Coffee

I have partnered with Community Coffee for this feature

Mardi Gras King Cake Flavored Coffee from Community Coffee

Every morning my husband is the first awake. He works corporate for a major auto retailer and has over 80 stores to oversee. He has goals to set, conferences to attend, travel from Washington to Alaska and many hours in an office maintaining his region. His days are not so routine and at any moment he can be off to any part of his region crossing 2 states to resolve issues. The only constant in his work day is coming downstairs in the morning to let our dog out while he starts his coffee. Coffee is not just a tasty beverage to him but as a part of his mornings as the showers and kisses goodbye.

As we start February we have several holidays coming up and as we celebrate, he will still wake up those mornings and start with those sips of his coffee. Community Coffee is a brand we love. I often can find it at a great price and when I do we stock up. I love flavored coffees and my husband loves the dark roasts. Community Coffee now has a new flavor in celebration of Mardi Gras, the King Cake flavored coffee.

Have you ever tried King Cake? The same vanilla and cinnamon blend is what Community Coffee introduced into this new flavor and it is so delicious. I am trying hard to stop using creamers in my coffee so the only way I know to do that is trying flavored coffees.

My coffee story may not be as habitual as my husbands because I drink coffee only a few mornings a week, but when I get my coffee moments I absorb them like I’ll never have a quiet moment again. For me coffee is my celebration for having a free moment or just a pick me up on a hectic day. Find all of the available coffees at Community Coffee.

What is your coffee story?

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