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March is National Craft Month and we all have time for crafting now

I am not too proud to say that my 11 year-old son inherited my lack-of-crafting genes. He actually does not enjoy art. I’ll never forget one day I decided to promote art more and he was about preschool age so I gathered supplies, found some fun Pinterest activities during a snow closure and sat him down for an afternoon of crafts.

After we got started on the first project he looked up at me and asked, “Mommy. Is this punishment or is this like a fun project? I really don’t know”. I had to laugh and asked him if he thought this was fun and he dropped his marker and said a very stern “No. Art is not for fun.” Even today if an assignment reads “..have fun. Add color..” you can bet it will be penciled in lead as he’d much rather solve a sheet of math questions than to have to get creative.

he does love to write, I just haven’t broken it to him that writing is a form of art-lol. He loves to create video and I also catch him sketching lately here and there but his own sketches on his own time.

Why am I telling you this story as I promote an art product?

There is one “art supply” he has had for over a year that I see him using very often and that is his smART sketcher. Seriously, for a kid who I can never get turned onto art, because of his sketcher he now has a folder of drawings piling up!

Maybe because he was also struck with the perfectionist gene of mine so if he can trace images and they come out looking great that is satisfaction to him. He will load images from the web like favorite TV scenes or characters, screenshots of his own video game play, pictures of his puppies and turns on his sketcher, connects the phone and can actually draw them out by himself.

A kid, 11 years old who only just this year decides art is fun and only after receiving one product – the smART sketcher. He has friends and cousins that have seen this in action and they are hooked right with him. I don’t typically feature the same product twice on this blog, but last year when I introduced this product on this very blog I had no idea it was budding an Artist and that he would stick with it and use it so often. My son will be 12 in May and is cousin will turn six 2 days later and he is determined to gift his cousin his newest smART sketcher because we all know little E will love it!

This smART sketcher not only inspires unenthused Artists but opens up a world of images anyone can draw with the download of an easy-to-use app. To see my original post about smART sketcher, visit my Freestyle Drawing post. This is a gift for Spring or while we are home for a bit during National Craft Month that WILL get used!

Visit smART sketcher for the the listings of stores near you that carry it or to order online.

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