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Marble Fun Run Summer Guide Feature

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Summer Fun Feature
As a Mom to boys so wide in age, I love toys and products that help promote independent play as well as stimulate their brain. Building sets are always a great way to keep them busy and allow them to think and problem-solve. My son has had his eye on a marble run for a while and then I was sent this one and in no time, we had it built! At age 7, he definitely needed help, but now that he gets it and sees it done he has been changing pieces and building it in fun ways by himself.

The set comes with 75 pieces that have bright colors and are very well constructed as well as a bag of 30 marbles. You can follow the instructions in the box to build one similar to the display photo or try your own variations. 
This is such a great piece to have around the house. I keep ours downstairs and even if my son comes down to watch TV, he is grabbing his marbles and playing away as he sits on the carpet. Always playing, always learning!
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