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Many uses for your iCoffee brewer

This is a promotional post

By now, the majority of us have coffee brewers. I had a brand I used until I discovered this iCoffee Opus Brewer. We love this brewer and I wish I had owned one sooner. I spent too many years tasting coffee with a bit of bitterness and even grounds released into my cup of coffee. Now that I have this iCoffee Opus Brewer with the spin needle that spins as water enters the K-Cup and mixes the grounds as it releases into our cup, our coffee has never tasted so good. I am a picky coffee drinker and love robust flavors, my husband will take any blend of black coffee so he is not as appreciative as I am for flavor. He did not show much enthusiasm at first for the new machine until his first brew. It was well into the morning when he stated that he admits “That is one amazing brewer…I think my coffee tastes much better”. That is because in a recent study done by Ohio State University Sensory Science Group, it really does taste better compared to similar brands! It beat the other brand in taste, after taste and aroma. 
Not to mention it is a pretty sophisticated looking machine. This is such a great choice for any student you have sent off to college. You know you are in withdraws with them away and long to send a care package! Send them an iCoffee machine fit for their needs! You know that will make them smile during this new chapter in their lives. It is rated best and so is you your child!

The best part about coffee brewers like the ones from iCoffee is that you are not limited to making coffee with the unit. When you insert a pod, you are mixing flavors with water, but if you don’t insert a pod then you have instant hot water!
Just so you don’t say I skipped the obvious, your brewer was made to brew a good cup of coffee! Most grocers and retailers carry the K-Cup coffee cups meant to be used in the brewer in flavors and strengths you love.
Hot Cocoa
You can buy hot cocoa K-Cups for great tasting hot cocoa for you or the kids. You can also brew a glass without inserting any K-Cup so you just get hot water to mix with your favorite cocoa powder.
Soup & Oatmeals
My Mom is a teacher and she would keep a brewer in classroom and not only have coffee through her K-Cups she keeps in the room but had instant hot water for her soup cups or oatmeal packets for quick meals in the morning and afternoon when making it to the lounge did not fit her schedule.
There are tea varieties available in K-Cup, but if you have a favorite tea bag or blend in a canister you love, all you need is instant hot water from your brewer.
When we entertain, I always have my brewer out and filled with water. I will not only keep K-Cup coffees out, but will put out cocoa packets and tea bags for the variety that fits everyones beverage desires.
Head over to the iCoffee website and find a brewer right for you!
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