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Mango Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole Recipe
During the winter we have many situations where we are entertaining and one of the most popular gatherings is Super Bowl! Even if you are not hosting the big game at your home, chances are you are heading to someone else’s home and are asked to bring a dish. Chips and dip are always a popular choice as we tend to do a lot of grazing at game parties. Guacamole keeps well especially if yon can dish it over ice in a bowl.
Bring a guacamole dish for the big game that is unique and full of flavors with some healthy ingredients as well. Here is a recipe I have from Imusa. Give them a quick visit if you are in need of any cooking products as they have many I use in my own kitchen!
Recipe Card guacamole recipe
This is so easy you can easily make a few batches! The game is Sunday but the night before is a big Fight Night on PPV so make it a fun weekend and don’t forget the chips!
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