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Water and Sweet Drops
How are your resolutions holding up? Did you have to try starting over in February because January got away from you? You are not alone. Typically only 8% of people achieve their yearly goals. I have never been too successful at keeping resolutions, but my husband and I did start years ago resolving our expenses and 2015 was an exciting year for us as we became debt free. We just spent our 10 year anniversary in Las Vegas and had a blast with our new vacation budget. However, for those popular health goals, making healthy choices with SweetLeaf is easy with some great products I use.
When the rewards are great and you have a willing partner, some goals can be a bit easy to reach. But, if you are trying to make personal goals like eating healthy or exercising more with the reality being that you have a packed schedule with kids and the rest of the family is complaining on the change of foods suddenly then you find keeping these goals to be discouraging.
The dramatic failure rate of New Year’s Resolutions makes some people skip resolutions altogether, but keeping a few simple elements in mind can turn your lists into achievable and sustainable goals that can be life changing. SweetLeaf offers you these tips to help stay on track:
  1. Be specific. Rather than writing “eat less junk,” jot down “cut sugar five days a week.”
  2. Make a plan. With an actionable goal, decide how best to achieve that goal. This might mean turning one resolution into more than one: cut sugar two days a week by mid-February, up that to three days by June, then to five by August. Maybe even work up to an additional step, like cutting sugar for an entire month by the end of the year.
  3. Tell someone. When other people know about a person’s goals it makes them easier to achieve.
  4. Review. Keep your resolutions posted somewhere they can be regularly viewed. Also, cross the steps of each goal off as they are reached.
  5. Limit the number. Sure, setting twenty New Year’s Resolutions offers a better chance at success, but it also guarantees a higher rate of failure because attention is spread too thin. Pick the three most important items on your list and turn them into actual goals.
Natural Sweetener
SweetLeaf products I use
SweetLeaf Water DropsMy son loves these and I love that he can have an alternative to flavored drinks and sugary juices with a natural sweetener for his water. He loves the Raspberry Lemonade. My husband and I love Peach Mango. This comes in a squeeze bottle and you use it to simply add flavors to your beverages without the artificial sweeteners and loads of sugar in comparable products. 
SweetLeaf Sweet Drops: I use these every morning in my coffee. I was so excited when I tried these because I need flavor in my coffee and I hate using creamers because of the sugars and artificial ingredients. With the Sweet Drops I get my flavors and with a natural sweetener like coconut or vanilla. 
SweetLeaf products are natural and these drops I use have 0 calories and carbs and are gluten-free. Visit to see all of these natural varieties so you can start off on the right foot this year with flavors you will love and ingredients that are great for the entire family. 

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