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MakerStudio Gears for budding Engineers

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MakerStudio Gears for budding Engineers
Do you have a budding engineer? IN a way, I think all children have the engineering passion. You see it in their play and the types of toys they love most. From building blocks to navigating challenging video games. The best play is play with an older sibling or parent and MakerStudio offers building sets you can assemble with your kids. These sets are built by Engineers.
We have the Gears set from MakerStudio. In Gears we have the components needed to make either a race car, cable car, 3-wheeler or motorcycle. Not only do you build your vehicle, you also are given challenges. Some of these challenges can be experimenting with friction, torque or propulsion. Once you master these, you can get creative and build your own design.
You choose the materials you need to make the vehicle come to life. From boxed goods to cans, these will serve as the body of your creation. It truly feels like you engineered the creation all on your own.
Find this and other sets at

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